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Learn the ABC's of stock market investing including how to do your own stock investment research.

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About ABC Stock Investing

ABC Stock Investing aims to help the average person learn how to invest in the stock market by teaching them the ABC's, or basics, of stock market investing.

As background, the creator of ABC Stock Investing has been employed over the past 11 years in the financial industry, including roles as a Wall Street stock research analyst, an investment banking associate, and several other financial and computer related roles.  His experience ranges from investing in private Midwest companies to investing in private and public high technology and Internet related companies.  Because of his experience, you may find some biases in his writing and interpretations.

ABC Stock Investing is designed to teach individual investors the tools needed to invest in stock and are NOT designed to recommend specific investments or strategies.  We feel that the more you understand about investing, the better decisions you will make and the more satisfied you will be with your financial life.

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